Confidence Coaching
Confidence Coaching

Answer these questions to see where your confidence levels are at right now:

  1. Do you feel you have not yet reached your full potential?
  2. Are you stuck in a career that no longer makes you happy?
  3. Do you feel your life is running out. And you have not done half of the things you wanted to do yet?
  4. Are you stuck in a rut?
  5. Have you lost your spark for life?
  6. Are you drained with your friends or relationship but do not know how to change your current situation?
  7. Do you feel you should be grateful with your lot?
  8. Do you have worrying or obsessive thoughts?
  9. Do you fear trying something new whether its making new friends or doing an activity you have never tried before?
  10. Are you afraid to say no?
  11. Are you feeling low, unhappy and or lonely?
  12. Is your glass half empty as opposed to half full?
  13. Do you sabotage yourself so you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone?
  14. Do you feel a string of pointless emotions every time you fail to achieve targets you set yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions it is time to take action now to get different results.

Visualize for a minute feeling abundant in every area of your life. Allowing yourself to make informed choices because you have new empowering beliefs about who you are and what you deserve. Imagine attracting new experiences and people because you are confident and stand tall.

How much more value would there be to your life if you were motivated and inspired to step out of what is familiar and go for the relationship you only ever dreamed of or a career move you never thought could be within your reach.

How would it be if instead of procrastinating you were proactive and efficient.

Having confidence will raise your self esteem and alter every facet of life, giving you purpose and a clearer vision of where you now want to go.

Don’t waste any more time pondering and wondering how life could have been, take action today and book a complimentary session.

Linda Thaper - Lifestyle Management