Stop Smoking For Life Hypnotherapy Programme
Stop Smoking For Life Hypnotherapy Programme

This programme combines the powerful therapies of NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnosis. It is a tried and tested step by step process that helps you transition easily into becoming a non smoker. This programme will give you strategies and techniques which will help you to curb the cravings and stop the excuses used for relapsing in the past.

The reason why people fail to give up smoking using patches, E cigarettes, gum or will power, is because the desire to stop is deeply embedded in their subconscious. Hypnotherapy has a high success rate because it removes from the subconscious the reasons why you consciously think smoking is a good idea.

For this therapy to work you need to be 100% committed to giving up smoking.

Regardless of how many times you have tried to give up smoking this programme can work for you.

The Stop Smoking For Life Hypnotherapy Programme is 4 sessions and includes a booklet and an on-going success download/ CD to help you on your journey as well as telephone and email support throughout.

The programme costs £260 to be paid in full, on or before the first session.

Linda Thaper - Lifestyle Management