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I Broke my knee after a fall and Linda recommended the Bowen technique . Being very sporty I was desperate to heal as quickly as possible and to regain my leg strength and flexibility . I found the Bowen technique to be most helpful with both . After only one session the swelling had gone down quite considerably and movement was less painful .
I continued to have the Bowen treatments and found them to be a great help in my recovery .
I would highly recommend this treatment

Karen Wayne

I have suffered from insomnia since I was really young. It had got to the stage where it was really affecting my work, my relationship and my health. The doctor suggested I took a course of sleeping tablets, which I did not want to do.

I decided to have a hypnotherapy session instead. I was not sure what to expect and thought I would laugh. Instead I found myself relaxing deeper than I ever remember feeling. I had never slept well or slept through the night, so although I felt very relaxed immediately after, I was not sure I would sleep.

I was amazed that I have slept soundly since that first session. People at work noticed a difference in me the following day as I was calmer and relaxed and continue to feel so. My relationship has improved, which is a bonus. If I need another session for anything else I will see Linda again.


Like many people, I was being affected by several issues that were overwhelming me and making it difficult for me to deal with day-to-day life. Conventional counselling was not working for me. Talking about my feelings or experiences… then nothing. Nothing to help me to really deal with it. Meeting Linda has literally changed my life – no exaggeration! Here, she treated me in a holistic manner. When we talked about my feelings or my troubling past it wasn’t just about bringing up the painful memories. She helped me find the strength within me to build tools that I can use to deal with them. To finally understand, put things in perspective and get rid of some useless demons that were stopping me from becoming comfortable in my own skin. To not only accept who I am but also be happy with who I am. I never thought I would get there! Life can still be overwhelming; however, Linda has empowered me to be able to deal with it better – to see a challenge to take on instead of a problem to give up on. To be kinder to myself. She has helped me to explore things that make me happy, and develop the courage to pursue these. And the cherry on the top has to be the fact that she has helped me to break my long addiction to sugar! Written words cannot fully justify how much Linda has helped me in changing my life for the better. I am very lucky that I have a friend who recommended Linda to me. I most definitely recommend her as a highly professional, friendly and effective practitioner.


Linda is amazing to work with, she intuitively knew what kind of support would work most effectively for me, and offered it in a nurturing secure environment. she helped me to see beyond my feelings of complete overwhelm through supportive sessions that gave me the tools to manage the anxiety. I can't recommend her highly enough.


Thank you for the anxiety program Linda. The sessions were incredibly insightful. The effects took place subtly and I am now able to deal with situations without feeling extremely anxious. Instead I can approach situations in a very calm manner. It feels great to be able to do this.


Thank you Linda for giving me the courage to stop smoking, I never thought I would have the strength to beat the horrendous cravings and give up for good, through your gentle but persuasive hypnotherapy sessions I have finally given up my pack a day habit that had taken over thirty years of my life, I now feel better and smell better! I would recommend Linda without any hesitation. Thank you once again, you have an amazing talent.


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