Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme
Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme

Are you tired of trying endless fad diets, powders and Pills that make you put on more weight than when you first started? Do you want to replace it with a long term goal of achieving your ideal weight and forming a healthy relationship with food? If so then this programme is for you.

By using a variety of techniques and methodologies including Life Coaching, NLP, CBT, Solution Focused Therapy and Hypnotherapy, this programme is an effective way to achieve lasting weight loss. The programme focuses on changing any unconscious negative patterns associated to food, replacing it with a mindset that removes bad habits, self doubt and craving the wrong foods.

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme helps you master how you think about food and assist you in feeling confident, motivated and energised. Understanding the cycles of emotional eating can help you change eating habits so you can make healthier choices which in turn will help you to feel good about yourself, even during times of stress, illness and a busy hectic lifestyle.

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme will be tailored to your individual needs and takes 4 sessions. If you have any unresolved emotional issues it would be beneficial to work on these first, in order to achieve your weight loss/health goal with determination and confidence.

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme includes a booklet, downloadable CD’S, telephone and email support throughout to assist you on your journey to the new you.

Sessions are held in Brighton- £260 programme fee to be paid in full on or before first session.

Linda Thaper - Lifestyle Management